Wednesday, April 6, 2011

We ♥ Buddha!!!

My older Brother Jesse has a dog named Buddha. I will announce to the world that I..Laura...just don't care for animals too much but unless they are at the zoo...cause well...zoo animals rock...anyway back on topic here..but I owed my brother a belated birthday gift so why not make him something totally strange and unique! And besides my bestest friend Kat had an awesome selection of dog scrap crap! This was just about the same time I saw my mom posting new photos of Buddha and Jesse on facebook and 'ding' that little elf in my head rang his bell and yelled "Dude make a Buddha Book!"...Not one to make the elf mad I said Okay!! So the Buddha book was born. Its very busy but I love it! The back page dog house and the letters DOG were made using my brand new kickass awesome Cricut machine.The photo on top is a wallet size photo of my brothers family and you can't see it to well in the photo but the sticker under it says "A dog says I love you by wagging his tail"...or something like that. Hope you fellow scrappers enjoy my newest book!

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