Friday, April 29, 2011

~Ribbon Storage & Organization Laura Style~

Laura has quite possible the biggest collection of ribbon outside of Michaels! She has tried a variety of methods to keep her ribbon organized. Everything from those boxes with the holes along the side to just throwing them into a container. Eventually they would get all tangled, frayed, lost and it was just craziness! Which usually we like craziness bbuuuuuttt in scrap crap organization there is no room for craziness. I started researching how everyone organizes their ribbon and was really coming up empty handed. I mean don't get me wrong the ideas were stellar but just not feasible for Laura. One day around Christmas time last year I was on the Joann's site and the clouds opened up, the angels sang and I saw it! The Ribbon Ladder! I was like OMG where have you been all our lives?!?!?! So I ordered it and my order was processed, reordered, canceled, reprocessed and then canceled again. I was really starting to get frazzled! I then finally found one at the Joann's near my house. RELIEVED I called Laura and teased her about it! She had no idea what I got until she opened it! Even though her collection is much larger than what the ladder accommodates, it's still a great piece. The spools are lined up and easy to reach. She also has a ribbon rack on her scrap hutch that was full within 5 minutes of bringing it home! Then she has a few containers that are full of random ribbon pieces.

We're still on the lookout for one thing that could accommodate her entire ribbon collection. However when we do find it, I doubt that she'll have room for it until she gets that scrap trailer that Travis has been threatening to buy her!

~Ribbon Organization & Storage Kat Style~

As you know I am working on organizing my scrap crap. However I was hit with a bout of food poisoning. Yes I'm fine, kind of getting use to it! (LoL long story...) Anyways, since I was sort of confined to the couch I decided that I work on tiny organization projects that would not require me to move too far from the bathroom. Since my scrap paper file drawer is waiting for missing parts to arrive, I decided to start with my ribbon. I have just recently decided that ribbon and I can get along, esp when it has that sticky stuff on the back! So I've started to amass a small collection of ribbon. Nothing like the size of Laura's ribbon collection have you but definitely big enough to start getting out of hand. Laura inspired me to get this clear paint bucket to hold my ribbon. However it was not big enough. So the paint bucket was stuffed and I had rolls of ribbon here and there. I decided enough was enough and got my organization on! So what I did was to remove my ribbon from the spools. I then rewound them and used a pony tail holder to wrap around it. Sometimes rubber bands catch and causes fraying. I had these colorful pony tail holders that well are just too freaking small for my hair and are considered "no pull". So I thought ribbon & no pull pony tail holders...WINNING! Then for the ribbon that was too small to be bounded by a pony tail holder I used a small binder clip. I was able on the thinner ribbon to put two in each clip. I LOVE IT! I did keep 3 on spools. One being a ribbon with wire in it, one that is more like cording and the other was 10 YARDS!! so yeah they stayed on their spools. Another spool in there is Laura's ribbon and I didn't want to take it off because of how she organizes her ribbon. Then for the pieces of ribbon scrap I just threw in the bucket. I mean what else are ya gonna do?

The bucket as you can see now only looks half full. You know what that means!!! I can get more ribbon!!! **snoopy happy dance** In ♥ with this bucket! I'm so glad Laura talked me into it!

Ready for a cup of Tea!?

Tea Parties are a cute theme for Any party! My friend Nicole is hosting a Party in a few months and sent me on a quest to make cute Tea Party Cookie Trays. Here is a list of Material used:
  • Pails - $1.47 Each at Hobby Lobby
  • Flower Bundles- .97 Cents each at Walmart
  • Silver Charger Plates- $1.99 Each at Hobby Lobby
  • Flower Foam- $2 at Walmart
  • Silver Ribbon- .97 cents at Walmart
  • Hot Glue
These were so simple to make and it was a lot of fun making the flower bouquets. Nicole wanted to use a white table clothes..with silver accents and bright colorful flowers...I think the Silver Chargers and pails have a weathered look to them like they have been out in the sun and the flowers give it a nice pop!

Runnn!!! Monster!!! Part 2!

So the Monster book is all done! Can I explain how great it feels!? Took forever to cut out each page..but here's my secret..I know its going to be a little hard to turn the pages and what not since its literally all enclosed in a I used the cardboard inserts you get from the Kits you buy and used them! I am always on a quest to try something new in scrappin'..with this book, I used stuff from the Jewelry department..a key chain from a new pair of shoes..and good ole' fashion printing on regular paper! For a complete list of what I did on each page and what materials..Please check us out on facebook =o)

~Kat's Quest For Organization~

Ok its the end of the semester and time for my summer vacay! **snoopy happy dance** I promised myself that if I made it through the semester that I would go on the ultimate quest to get organized! Well I made it! My GPA a little beat up but nothing I can't fix so now it is time to take on my quest.This is most ALL my scrap stuff...I would say like 98% of it. I mean seriously who has ALL 100% of their scrap stuff in one spot all at one time!?!?!? Anyways I gave myself a $100 budget. I bought two new cabinet like pieces and 3 new plastic 12x12 storage boxes. I still have $40 left! I wanted to have some money left to play around with just in case while in the organizing frenzy I had a sudden inspiration. Oh yeah I know how I am and it will happen, guaranteed!

So this is where it is all the back of the Katmobile. Yes I know you asking WHY IN THE HELL ARE YOU DOING THAT:?!?! Well simply we're are really tight for space inside. The bedroom is already cluttered to point of almost suffocation. Plus I usually don't scrap at home because of well reasons I don't want to particularly discuss. Just trust me when I say I do a majority of my scrapping away from home so being able to be mobile is SUPER IMPORTANT to me. The overall goal is to have all my scrapping stuff available to me whenever I want it but still be able to haul Mami's groceries home on Saturdays! So later on this afternoon hopefully I'll have some great tips, ideas, possibilities for those scrappers with limited space.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

~Find Us On Facebook~

Thought I would take a few minutes and do a little shameless promotion of ourselves! You can find us at twitter @blubellybutton or just click the twitter gadget thingie there and follow us!! AAANNNDDD you can find us at Facebook @ well just hit the facebook badge there to the right and be whisked away! Right now our fb page is a regular fb page, it gives a little more control over how we communicate. Also our facebook includes photo albums of all our projects...or at least all the projects we have photos of. So that way it's not all cluttered here. We'll still feature our little videos but if you want to see photos up close I suggest you go to facebook. Don't have facebook? Then just leave us a comment we'll hook you up :-)

Now you are probably wondering, there are two of you!!! How do we know who is posting? Well it's easy on here b/c you can see at the bottom of the post who the author is. But on facebook and twitter its a little more difficult. So at the end of every post on fb & twitter you'll see a little signature.
Kat = ~Kat
Laura = ~LK
Not too difficult right? And if we forget to sign, well its pretty easy to tell us apart by our writing styles, amirite?

ALSO if you like us, we'll like you! If you follow us, we'll follow you. Juss cause we're cool like that! Or maybe it's about no it's cause we want to support everyone that supports us...well no it's cause we're cool like about it's about supporting everyone that supports us because we're cool like that...oh yeah definitely that!

Monday, April 18, 2011

Easter Frames

So I decided to take these oval frames I found at Michaels for only $1 each and turn them into fun frames for easter. I bought the fake daisys and easter eggs at my local dollar know..a real dollar store where everything is just $1. The eggs came in packs of 5 or 6 and so did the flowers..I just cut them off there stems. Well I used some paint and some hotglue...and lucky for me I only am suffering from one serve burn this time! I think they need something more to them..but my burn is making me not think properly right now, and well I think the flowers are a little over the top..but I just don't know...any suggestions would be mucho appricated-o here! =o)

~*~Hoppy Easter!~*~

So I decided to mess around with my Cricut machine today...made a easter basket and some eggs...and tada! This is what I made!...I just used random Easter paper..some Ribbon, glue and Purple Rhinestones. Oh also I used a Happy Easter Sticker from Michaels.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

~BFTP Mother's Day Gift~

I made this book for Mami for Mother's Day. The book and the rub-ons are a coordinating set. Which is weird for me because I usually tend away from matchy matchy stuff. If I get kits, I usually mix and match them to other things to create something different. However this accordion book just jumped out out me and so did the rub-ons. They were bright and not geared toward anything in particular except happiness. I printed up pictures of the whole family, some of my favorite photos. I wanted to make sure I put the pets as well because Mami considers them family. She always likes it when I include them or make any kind of something with them. I still see coordinates to this set in the clearance sections at Michael's and Jo-Ann's so if I happen to see them again I will take note of the name so I can place a brand to my materials.

~Laura check out this ribbon usage!!~

Laura how much do you love this ribbon usage!?!?!

My sister in law and niece made this book for Mami in celebration of her 76th birthday.

~BFTP Bella Book~

I used to have a great German Shepard named Bella. ♥ her but I gave her away to a guy who had lots of land for her to run around on. **sigh** anyways she was ALOT of fun. One of her favorite activities was swimming and playing fetch. There is this little beachy area at this little lake by our condo and I would take Bella there to swim. I would throw coconuts into the water, she would run in, swim to it, fetch it and bring it back to me. It was a pretty cool trick. So one afternoon I took everyone out to show off her trick. We took some photos. A few days later I was walking around a LSS and I saw this little chipboard book. I picked it up and said I'll find a use for it. I sat down to scrap and decided how cute if I made a tiny book of Bella fetching the coconuts. I went through my cache of paper to find all my watery paper. I made some labels from clear sticker paper. The little dog paws were something I had in my sticker cache. I had this little puppy put together in about 30 minutes. I made this book before I discovered the greatness that is glitter glue. So the edges look a little unfinished...eehhh well you live and learn!

Friday, April 15, 2011

~*~DCWV Contest~*~

Hey Fellow scrappers! Its Freebie Friday at DCWV! You all know you love this stop on by to their link and post a comment...don't forget to follow their blog and/or Facebook page!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

~*~ First Christmas Book~*~

So have more than one kid who's First Christmas' was in different years? No need to worry! Just combine them! I did that with this Christmas book. My daughter's first Christmas was in 2007 and my son's was in 2009. Instead of making a 12 x 12 book for each, I did this. I used a plain red album...put this awesome first Christmas sticker in the picture window on the cover...and surrounded it with ribbon. The last page of the book...well I ran out of I meant to write "Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night"...but no I shortened it. As for materials..I have honestly been saving Christmas paper for the past 3 years so I don't know even know where it came from. I also been saving stickers for 3 years as well...whenever one is on sale I pick it up.

~Florals...WTF, mate?~

~This morning I've been looking through the blogs and pages of the main scrap crappin manufacturers. You know the ones! I'm not going to mention names but if you keep up with them or at least see their products at your local scrap crap store you know exactly who I am talking about. I've noticed that florals are super popular right now. I'm not much of a floral gal but Laura has really gotten into using flowers. Nothing wrong with liking flowers. I ♥ flowers in the real world sense. I love to learn about plants. In fact last fall I took a botany course and even though I had to learn 416 plants and I almost died, I still ♥ them!

Nymphaea odorata seen on a field trip

~ I do like to use flowers occasionally in my layouts. Sometimes they are necessary. Nothing says bright, sunny, happy, colorful like some strategically placed daisies! I get it flowers will always be a part of any scrap crappers aesthetic. However, the use of them recently has me worried or more like the OVER use of them. I was looking at the entries for this contest held by a very popular scrap crap manufacturer and was like wtf, mate? The entries all used flowers and LOTS OF THEM!! And many of them on top of each other creating sort of a geyser of flowers on the page. Some of them were works of art and I applaud them. Others however looked like the floral department of Michael's threw up on their papers! I'm not a minimalist by any means. Sometimes I feel the need to create a clusterf**k of scrap crap craziness on pages. But this floral thing, would you really just spend over 30 bucks on flowers, put them all on one page and then put it in a book to be seen occasionally? Maybe for a nice framed paged and that's a big maybe! Another thing that jumped out at me or maybe a more correct observation was what was not jumping out at me, the picture! Scrappin is supposed to be first and foremost about the memory. If all I'm seeing is the floral design, how does that give justice to your memory?
~I know Laura and I have made some pretty clusterf**k of goodness pages in our time but only when it was deemed necessary. And hey maybe this fellow scrap crappers feel the need to create an explosion of floral goodness all over their papers. I can only say in my floral druken stupor...WTF, mate?

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

¿Materials Used?

I know I'm supposed to be studying but I had a sudden **oh crap** moment. I noticed that we're starting to amass a collection of posts. Our original intention was to create a sort of menagerie of our awesome scraptacular crap and to spur others' to push their creative limits. I have come to realize that maybe in order to help push that boundary we might need to share what materials we used. Laura and I are the type of people who look at a picture and say "Omg that is so cool! I wonder how I can make my own?" Then we run to our scrap crap store, wonder the aisles like someone lost in a desert until something jumps out at us. Then we jump in our barrel and go over the creative falls. The other method to our madness is when we see something cool we just pick it up. Then eventually we find a use for it. Over the years we have collected a massive hodge podge of scrapabulous craziness! Sometimes its still in the original package, sometimes its not. Sometimes we get in such a zone that last thing we are thinking of "who makes this embellishment, ribbon, brad, eyelet, paper, etc?" I would also like to point out that we don't tend towards one manufacturer or another. We're more concerned about how much we like it and how much does it cost? Chances are if its over a certain price, we won't buy it unless A. we have a coupon or B. its on sale.

However both of us have thought quite a bit, well for at least 5 minutes anyway and have created a short list that we like to call:
~The Blue Belly Button Scrap Crap Must Haves~
1) Glitter -We ♥ Martha Stewart Glitter. We have tried ALOT of glitters & we like the consistency and the color richness. How do we get it? Michaels or Jo-Ann's 50% off coups!

2) Scrapbook Tape -We've been using a tape from Elmers. We ♥ Dotto but it gets expensive. However the Elmers is a good alternative. Where do we get it? At Walmart, $2.50 for 2!

3)Scissors -We splurged on these the first time we bought them. They are Fiskars Softouch Micro-Tip Scissors. Yes I know $15 scissors but a 50% coup makes it easier to swallow. We ♥ these scissors b/c they stay sharp, don't fray the paper edges & are great for precise cutting. Our hubby's jack those suckers all the time!

4) Glue - We use a lot of Elmers stick glue. The one that starts off purple and dries clear seem to work the best for me. I use it on paper and pictures. Laura uses it mostly just for paper. It's cheap! We usually buy it towards the end of the summer when all the school supplies are on sale. We stock up and it usually lasts us til Christmas ;-) We also LUV Elmer's Spray Glue for putting paper onto chip board. Super fast and holds great. We find this on sale randomly or just use a coup.

5) Ribbon -Laura ♥♥♥ ribbon and I've only recently developed a respect for it. We raid the dollar bins at Michaels all the time. Think most of the ribbon we have is by Celebrate It. Its usually always on sale at Michaels. The other ribbon we use is this ribbon I've found at Jo-Anns that already has the sticky on the back. ♥ that stuff. Its a $1 for a spool. Its on a little rack always at the end of an aisle or on an end cap.

6) Chipboard albums -Ok basically we just find these randomly when they are on sale or on clearance. We've used Bo Bunny, Maya Road and a few others. We'll try to make it a point from now to post which manufacturer made our chipboard book. Though we have been making quite a few on our own.

7) Paper - WE ♥ PAPER! We are paper whores! If its on sale we stock up! Then we organize based on whatever organization method we are using at the time. We're RARELY know who has made our paper! If we do know, we most likely will mention it b/c I would imagine we would be some serious proud of ourselves!!! However don't even ask, you'll get the giant question mark!

8) Stickers -WE ♥ STICKERS! We are sticker sluts! If they are on sale we stock up! We actually have more of a clue to what stickers we are using than what paper. If you ask, the question mark might be smaller than the paper one!

9) Crop a Dile - I ♥ it!! Laura just recently discovered hers. I love it as a hole punch and I love it as a setter. The eyelets and brads we get are all random. We usually get them when they are on clearance at Tuesday Morning and Big Lots. We don't even attempt to know who makes them!

10) Last but not least decorative scissors & shape cutter...They are a must have. I don't know what brand Laura's decorative scissors are but I know the ones that I have are the ones you can buy in the bins at Michaels for like a $1. The shape cutter is from fiskars, I used a 50% coup and bought the set that came with four template plates.

Oh and don't forget the BABY WIPES! They are awesome for cleaning up and attracting glitter!! Buy'em in bulk saves you moolah!

So there you have it! Our list of must haves. We're actually really good at finding deals and knowing what store is going to have the best price on things. We are thrift junkies! If you want advice on where to find the best price on something, just ask! Chances are we know!!! We will try from now to make a more conscious effort to make a materials used list, but we're not promisin' nuthin'!!!

Monday, April 11, 2011

~The Norm Book~

Norm is a person that was made up In Kat's head one night. Her hubby and herself share this funny joke about having Norm in a pop him open and Bada Bing your household chores are done! Well a few years ago..I made Sal (Her Hubby) Norm in a Can! Norm is made out of clay..he even has a hammer! Well last year, I wanted to make a book about Norm and his adventures! So Norm went to College! FIU to be exact!...I am also not a clay making kinda gal..and Norm lost both his arms after this book was made...poor norm...

Addendum by Kat: I'd like to make a correction here. I did not invent Norm in my head. Norm is Norm Abram, an incredible carpenter that has his own PBS show "The New Yankee Workshop" and also known for "This Old House". Anyways the gist of the story is I had this really weird dream one night and woke up laughing. I told my hubs about it and he thought it was hilarious! So now its sort of an ongoing inside joke between the two of us. My dream was that I was coming home from somewhere and I see a whole bunch of stuff had been done on the house. I find Sal and I was like OMG how in the world did you get all this done? Sal tells me "Well with Norm in a Can of course!" So then he sort of launches into this commercial for Norm in a Can. Yeah if you knew Sal you would be laughing harder cause my hubs is like super serious! I woke up laughing :-) So I ended up telling my mom about it too and she thought it was hilarious. So for the next Christmas she was going to make Sal a version of Norm in A Can, however she passed away before she had the chance. So Laura decided to take it upon herself to make Norm in a Can. Sal says its in the top 5 greatest gift list!

~The Christmas Tray That Should Have Won~

At least I didn't lose out to a tutu!

Michaels Store had a Contest back in December...the challenge was to use a Charger plate, scrap paper, and any type of glue...This whole tray was solely inspired but that ornament! Crazy I know..but I saw that ornament and I had to have it..and the whole tray came to my head and bada bing..I knocked this Tray out with in a few hours..I used 2 charger plates, an Ornament, a clay pot..a pot topper (snowman), paper, ribbon, glue, Glass mini Gems (found at Bed, bath and beyond) and 3 mini Plastic lotion bottles. Sadly I lost to a lady who made a paper house on top of a plate..yea..I know what your thinking! I said the same thing! I'm kinda a sore loser about it cause well..her's was a paper house!? And mine had duel purposes...I mean seriously..have you ever had a cookie tray that also served as a candy cane holder!?


Way back in 2003..My hubby (which as been My high school sweetheart since we were 16) and I took a trip to Key West after after he finished his senior year of High school.We stayed at Duval Gardens Bed and Breakfast on Duval Street. We were close enough to all the action but far enough to enjoy some peace. We went snorkeling, and para sailing 650ft up and of course checked out all the museums. This was one of the best Vacays we ever took...and well of course it was scrap worthy!

Thanksgiving Cards

Wanted to make some Cards for a Family Thanksgiving..I spent a lot of time making these...but never got around to filling them out. So now they are just lost souls in a sea of My scrap crap!

~*~Parents Scrap Frame~*~

Another Frame! Arn't the colors on this awesome! (If you can't see it well cause of the flash..well its all purple!)

~*~ Parents Scrap Pages~*~

So I was planning on giving these as gifts to my parents..put them in nice frames and whatnot..but my mom insisted on me keeping Either she dislikes them..or just doesn't want to deal with hanging them on the wall...cause well..I give her TONS of scrap crap of the grandkids so yea...Im going with number 2! Anyways I love these pages..again, they are very simple but I'm a paper scrapper'...I like to use many different papers instead of embellishments, cause well I just can't afford the fancy crap..Anyways hope you all like these as much as I do!

~*~Baseball Scrap Page~*~

So you recently viewed my baseball book I made...well what Kind of friend would I be to make myself something baseball-ish..and not make the friend who took me there something!? So I made this page and got a shadow box frame for it..I LOVE it! Simple and sweet..and with her busy lifestyle she can just hang it up and enjoy it when shes heading out the door.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

~Blast From the Past~

Ok so I was walking by the entertainment system earlier today and I saw 2 things that I have made that I had completely forgotten about!! Plus I saw a scrapbook that my niece and my sister in law made. I ♥ the ribbon on it. So I'm going to share it.
These three random things inspired me to create a new feature on BBB "BLAST FROM THE PAST". I haven't told Laura yet but I'm sure she'll LUV IT!!! From now on this is how we will feature previous projects from the past. Hoping this will help keep us a bit more organized and being able to differentiate between newly finished projects and projects from long ago!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011


Ok fellow Scrappin' Crap peeps...I have noticed this but don't know if anyone else has...In case you were wondering..why a post says on the bottom "posted by Kat" and the photo box says "Made by Laura" or vise computer is beyond shot..and so Kat uploads my photos for me...and also we are just Interchangeable so it makes total sense to us. I just can't imagine not being interchangeable with my bestest friend! Our scrap crap probably wouldn't turn out as awesome as it does!

We ♥ Buddha!!!

My older Brother Jesse has a dog named Buddha. I will announce to the world that I..Laura...just don't care for animals too much but unless they are at the zoo...cause well...zoo animals rock...anyway back on topic here..but I owed my brother a belated birthday gift so why not make him something totally strange and unique! And besides my bestest friend Kat had an awesome selection of dog scrap crap! This was just about the same time I saw my mom posting new photos of Buddha and Jesse on facebook and 'ding' that little elf in my head rang his bell and yelled "Dude make a Buddha Book!"...Not one to make the elf mad I said Okay!! So the Buddha book was born. Its very busy but I love it! The back page dog house and the letters DOG were made using my brand new kickass awesome Cricut machine.The photo on top is a wallet size photo of my brothers family and you can't see it to well in the photo but the sticker under it says "A dog says I love you by wagging his tail"...or something like that. Hope you fellow scrappers enjoy my newest book!