Wednesday, April 20, 2011

~Find Us On Facebook~

Thought I would take a few minutes and do a little shameless promotion of ourselves! You can find us at twitter @blubellybutton or just click the twitter gadget thingie there and follow us!! AAANNNDDD you can find us at Facebook @ well just hit the facebook badge there to the right and be whisked away! Right now our fb page is a regular fb page, it gives a little more control over how we communicate. Also our facebook includes photo albums of all our projects...or at least all the projects we have photos of. So that way it's not all cluttered here. We'll still feature our little videos but if you want to see photos up close I suggest you go to facebook. Don't have facebook? Then just leave us a comment we'll hook you up :-)

Now you are probably wondering, there are two of you!!! How do we know who is posting? Well it's easy on here b/c you can see at the bottom of the post who the author is. But on facebook and twitter its a little more difficult. So at the end of every post on fb & twitter you'll see a little signature.
Kat = ~Kat
Laura = ~LK
Not too difficult right? And if we forget to sign, well its pretty easy to tell us apart by our writing styles, amirite?

ALSO if you like us, we'll like you! If you follow us, we'll follow you. Juss cause we're cool like that! Or maybe it's about no it's cause we want to support everyone that supports us...well no it's cause we're cool like about it's about supporting everyone that supports us because we're cool like that...oh yeah definitely that!

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