Monday, April 18, 2011

Easter Frames

So I decided to take these oval frames I found at Michaels for only $1 each and turn them into fun frames for easter. I bought the fake daisys and easter eggs at my local dollar know..a real dollar store where everything is just $1. The eggs came in packs of 5 or 6 and so did the flowers..I just cut them off there stems. Well I used some paint and some hotglue...and lucky for me I only am suffering from one serve burn this time! I think they need something more to them..but my burn is making me not think properly right now, and well I think the flowers are a little over the top..but I just don't know...any suggestions would be mucho appricated-o here! =o)


  1. How stinkin' cute are those!! What a fun idea! Totally lovin' these. :)


  2. Did you make the frames themselves glittery? I saw something recently, oh those ticket bowl thingies with the glittery paint!? What about tiny bunny, that's probably what you feel you are missing?! I think they are fun and colorful the way they are :-)

    wait maybe they need a bow or two ;-) lol

  3. Thanks Scrapendipity! And with the Glitter Kat..the glitter paint I brought was just to watery looking..leaving streaks, so I didn't use it.A bunny uh...Love that idea!

  4. These frames are very pretty... *Ü*. Maybe some pretty ribbon to top them off... I ♥ ribbon!!
    I look forward to seeing all of your creativity.
    Have a fabulous evening,
    **Lots of BIG Hugs**

  5. I Love Ribbon too! Just recently started loving the suede straps sold in a pack of 4 for $4 at walmart...they are used to make necklaces but work awesome when you want a tough looking ribbon and not something too girly...I used it on the Buddha (Dog) book I made.

  6. Aunt Kathy says: Keep a cup of ice water at your side while using the hot glue gun - submerging the burn will cool the hot glue and stop the burn (learned from experience).
    Cute frames!

  7. Thanks for the tip Aunt Kathy! I just can't master the art of Hot gluing! LoL