Thursday, April 14, 2011

~Florals...WTF, mate?~

~This morning I've been looking through the blogs and pages of the main scrap crappin manufacturers. You know the ones! I'm not going to mention names but if you keep up with them or at least see their products at your local scrap crap store you know exactly who I am talking about. I've noticed that florals are super popular right now. I'm not much of a floral gal but Laura has really gotten into using flowers. Nothing wrong with liking flowers. I ♥ flowers in the real world sense. I love to learn about plants. In fact last fall I took a botany course and even though I had to learn 416 plants and I almost died, I still ♥ them!

Nymphaea odorata seen on a field trip

~ I do like to use flowers occasionally in my layouts. Sometimes they are necessary. Nothing says bright, sunny, happy, colorful like some strategically placed daisies! I get it flowers will always be a part of any scrap crappers aesthetic. However, the use of them recently has me worried or more like the OVER use of them. I was looking at the entries for this contest held by a very popular scrap crap manufacturer and was like wtf, mate? The entries all used flowers and LOTS OF THEM!! And many of them on top of each other creating sort of a geyser of flowers on the page. Some of them were works of art and I applaud them. Others however looked like the floral department of Michael's threw up on their papers! I'm not a minimalist by any means. Sometimes I feel the need to create a clusterf**k of scrap crap craziness on pages. But this floral thing, would you really just spend over 30 bucks on flowers, put them all on one page and then put it in a book to be seen occasionally? Maybe for a nice framed paged and that's a big maybe! Another thing that jumped out at me or maybe a more correct observation was what was not jumping out at me, the picture! Scrappin is supposed to be first and foremost about the memory. If all I'm seeing is the floral design, how does that give justice to your memory?
~I know Laura and I have made some pretty clusterf**k of goodness pages in our time but only when it was deemed necessary. And hey maybe this fellow scrap crappers feel the need to create an explosion of floral goodness all over their papers. I can only say in my floral druken stupor...WTF, mate?

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