Thursday, March 31, 2011

Jesse's Xmas

So I did the same type of Christmas gift, as I gave my mom, for my older bro Jesse. However I put the more up lifting and funny photos in his book. Jesse is light hearted and loves to joke around so I thought showing off how funny my kiddies can be would be perfect! Towards the middle of the book I think I could have done more but I ran out of stickers and

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

~America's Pastime~

Somehow Nicole convinced Laura to attend a baseball game. I however still have not figured out how...must have said something about her being able to get tan **ponders for a sec**
Anyhoo, Laura found this super cute 8x8 book that looks like a baseball to scrap the occasion. Buuuuuut she couldn't bring herself to start it. Laura is not what you call a sporty girl so trying to get her excited about a sport where no one beats the crap out of each other **sigh** well you get the picture. The pictures though were very cute and so was the book. So being the sporty girl I am, I started it for her. Since I wasn't there it was a little rough to try create a mood. I think though I did pretty good trying to capture the fun spirit of 3 girls involved. My favorite pages are the ones where I cut out the players and made it look like they were standing on the grass. I got the idea from those old time metal games, where the pieces were upright and had magnets on the bottom. Then you turn on the machine and they start moving all over the board. Don't ask me what made me think about that. I'm random like that. The day was almost over and I still had to drive back to Miami so I had to stop. That book sat for well at least since this time last year I believe. Today Laura got bit by the finishing bug and decided she was going to finish. You can totally tell that two different people worked on this book. Though it looks like a cohesive book, you can see the different aesthetics that Laura and I have. It really turned out to be a really cute book. Most of the embellishments were from a baseball scrapbook kit and the paper was from a sporty paper kit. Which by the way we both have bought on different occasions! Laura had some random baseball themed buttons that we used as well that turned out to be perfect.

~Lauren's Clutch~

This past Christmas I wanted to make my niece Lauren something scraptacularly awesome! I wanted something really different that had the ability to be super sexy flirty fun all at the same time. I decided to make a scrapbook that was in the shape of a purse. After looking at all the chipboards available I decided that the ones shaped like purses were totally unacceptable! I wanted something that was really one of a kind. I found this super cute picture of a clutch online. So I did what any self respecting scrap crapper with zero drawing talent would do. I right clicked that pic and pasted it into excel. I then played with the sizing until I found an appropriate size, printed it and TADA it became my template for the book. I then cut out all the pages for the book based on that template. Some papers were a heavier cardstock so it needed some reinforcement. Others were super thin so I had to find some random cardstock to make it stronger. I then went to facebook and jacked some of my favorite pictures of her. Yeah I know it probably wasn't the best way to get her pics, but she's my niece and I wanted it to be a I said to hell with ethics! I then started to experiment with things I have never used or rarely used. This includes gems, glitter glue and ribbon. I believe it was this book where I developed a respect for ribbon with the sticky on the back! Can't get enough of that stuff!
For the cover I went through several ideas and a couple of hours of wondering through Joann's. I then found myself in the scrapbook paper aisle getting ready to settle for something when I saw it! SUEDE PAPER!!! It came in a variety of colors but I fell in LUV with the light brown suede. Laura loves the combination of pink & brown and quite honestly I can handle pink when it's with brown. So I grab up a few sheets of the light brown suede paper. I then went looking for a button. I found the little butterfly with pink and brown tones in it. I thought PERFECTO! I then wanted something for the back of the purse. I found myself wanting something bling bling worthy and wondered over to the iron on rhinestone appliques for clothing. I thought why wouldn't this work? So I bought and made a mad dash for the check out line before I spent anymore money! I started working on the book and everything just clicked! The paper, the pictures, the embellishments, everything just worked!! This book is a one of a kind custom made just for Lauren scrapbook. No one in the world has this book or will have a book like this. So yeah I would appreciate it if you just looked and not reproduced.
I think what this book taught is that if I can imagine it, I can make it!!
(god that's sounds like something sappy ass that Laura would say! Get out of my head DA!)

~The Most Epic Picture Frames~

Check out these most epic picture frames that Laura made as a Christmas gift. She made them for a our fun-loving friend Nicole. SUPER FREAKIN CUTE, right?!?!!? I think so!

Laura has some serious mad talent!!

Grandma Brag Book

I love giving scrapbooks and homemade gifts for matter what someone is interested in..a home made gift always puts a smile on their face and shows that you were willing to take time out of your busy day to think of them. I wanted to make my mom a book of random photos and came up with this. Its small enough also, so that she can just throw it in her purse and use it as a kickass Grandma Brag book!

The Utterly Awesome Kat Book!!

So I had the sudden urge one day to make my bestest friend A scrapbook...not just any book..I wanted to make it all myself. So my hubby was on board with this project and bought me a saw. I purchased some thin plywood and went to town cutting you can see, they aren't perfect but I love them anyway. Not only was I trying to make her a book that was completely home made...I also wanted to step out of my comfort zone. I am always looking to expand my scrappin' abilities because I get tired of my pages starting to all look the same. It took awhile to cut, sand and paint the sides of the wood..but putting it all together was rather easy..I had the idea in my head and everything fell into place. The only thing I think I will change on it is the binder ring. I think a bigger ring will let it lay a little flatter. So Enjoy!

Monday, March 28, 2011

~*~Our List of Scrap Crap~*~

So I am thinking if I post a list of our Scrap Crap here...there will be less of a chance of us losing it!..Cause yea...we are horrible at keeping lists..don't get me wrong..we are great at making them..just bad at keeping them where we can find them!
So here is a list of Projects that have been started and need to be finished:
  1. Skittles Book
  2. Christmas Book
  3. Baseball Book
  4. Miley's Book
  5. Tj's Book
  6. 1st Holiday Book
  7. Miley's Baby Shower Book
  8. Tj's Baby Shower Book
  9. Monster Book
  10. I <3 Kat Book
  11. Football team book
  12. Kat's Book
Here's the list of projects wanting to get started on:
  1. Beach Pail Book
  2. License Plate Book
  3. Dog Book
  4. Thomas Book
  5. Marine Book
  6. Music Book
  7. Disney Book
  8. Cupcake Book
Wow...Most of these are my books! LOL...I need to stop slacking and start Scrappin'!!!

~In dire need of an update

I know, I know! We need to update about our projects but well we've been busy! I had to get new brakes and I have an anatomy test in two days! (CRAP A DUCK!) and Laura, well Laura got the cricut so she's unavoidably experimenting right now! (and who can blame her, right?) Plus we are feeling some serious disorganized right now. I think we've not only acquired a lot of little stuff that has piled up but we've just had so many crazy ideas that we can't keep up! Once I get pass this anatomy test I will be getting myself organized. As for Laura, well my trek into organization will inspire her to get organized and then we'll be at least near the same page?!
Anyways here is a list of what is going to be showing up soon!
1) An update on the skittles book
2) A sneak peak of the I ♥ Kat book
3) A movie about Vitamin D that I made for my Human Genetics Class
4) Laura's 100% custom made book for me! which by the way I've seen & its awesome!
5) Laura's Xmas book
6) A book Laura made for her mom for xmas
7) A list of the ideas we've had that we are going to try to make reality
8) Laura's experimentations with the cricut
9) My take on organizing your scrap crap when you have little to no storage space! (aka how to use the back of your explorer to store your scrap crap & still haul your groceries!)
10) I dunno but probably something we've made in the past that is just undeniably SCRAPTASTIC!

oh crap 3 minutes to get to class....peace out fellow scrap crappers!

Friday, March 18, 2011

Runnn!!! Monster!!!

Okay as I blogged before, I was working on a surprise book! Well it is inspired by Harry Potter and its the big book of Monster know...the book that trys to eat Harry! Anyway The outside is done and the inside is its time to work on the pages! I'm so excited the outside is done!!!

nom nom nom!!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

~Work in Progress....

I wondered onto here and realized that we haven't been on here in awhile! I then realized that neither of us has been working too much on crafting. I've been busy with tests and Laura has been busy with the kids. However I did get some crafting time in today. I decided awhile back that I wanted to make a book that was inspired by Skittles candy. A friend of mine works in a bakery and she decorates these amazing cakes. She made a cake awhile back that was a skittles package. The light bulb went off in my head and I heard the rush of the waterfall! I decided to make a book inspired by a skittles package. I wanted it to be an interpretation of a skittles package and not an exact replica. I got some glittered cardstock to use as the background pages in the same colors as skittles candies. I think cut out a bunch of some circles and glittered them the skittles colors. I then used white shirt paint to draw an "S" in the middle. The front cover I made a custom sticker on clear sticker paper. I had a hard time with air bubbles but Laura assures me that it makes it look more like a real package. So I'm hoping she's not just saying that to make me feel better LoL. I decided to make the skittles book a birthday themed book. I decided this when I was at Joann's looking for the glittered cardstock. I saw these birthday hats by K&Company and was like "WE HAVE A WINNER!!!" I knew then the skittles book would be a birthday book. The first two pages of the skittles book are red and let you know immediately you have opened a birthday book. It has a photo palette in the shape of a cupcake. (Which is actually a funny story within itself.) The 3rd & 4th pages are the orange pages which I have not worked on yet. The 5th & 6th are yellow and just missing their yellow skittles. Sort of a just a random pic kind of page. The 7th & 8th pages are green which i have not worked on yet. The 9th and 10th pages are purple. The purple pages are for PREZZIES!! The photo palettes are shaped like little presents complete with bows made by Laura! (cause uumm me & bows just don't mesh well...**sheepish look**) The back cover..I haven't quite decided the background yet but I'm sure I'm going to use clear sticker paper to create it. Then I will put 5 larger skittles and put their flavor names under them.
I most likely will give this book away as a gift. To who? Have no idea but I think it is just the beginning of my junk food inspired books!