Saturday, April 16, 2011

~BFTP Bella Book~

I used to have a great German Shepard named Bella. ♥ her but I gave her away to a guy who had lots of land for her to run around on. **sigh** anyways she was ALOT of fun. One of her favorite activities was swimming and playing fetch. There is this little beachy area at this little lake by our condo and I would take Bella there to swim. I would throw coconuts into the water, she would run in, swim to it, fetch it and bring it back to me. It was a pretty cool trick. So one afternoon I took everyone out to show off her trick. We took some photos. A few days later I was walking around a LSS and I saw this little chipboard book. I picked it up and said I'll find a use for it. I sat down to scrap and decided how cute if I made a tiny book of Bella fetching the coconuts. I went through my cache of paper to find all my watery paper. I made some labels from clear sticker paper. The little dog paws were something I had in my sticker cache. I had this little puppy put together in about 30 minutes. I made this book before I discovered the greatness that is glitter glue. So the edges look a little unfinished...eehhh well you live and learn!

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  1. your getting creative with your video taking of our projects! lol