Friday, April 29, 2011

~Ribbon Storage & Organization Laura Style~

Laura has quite possible the biggest collection of ribbon outside of Michaels! She has tried a variety of methods to keep her ribbon organized. Everything from those boxes with the holes along the side to just throwing them into a container. Eventually they would get all tangled, frayed, lost and it was just craziness! Which usually we like craziness bbuuuuuttt in scrap crap organization there is no room for craziness. I started researching how everyone organizes their ribbon and was really coming up empty handed. I mean don't get me wrong the ideas were stellar but just not feasible for Laura. One day around Christmas time last year I was on the Joann's site and the clouds opened up, the angels sang and I saw it! The Ribbon Ladder! I was like OMG where have you been all our lives?!?!?! So I ordered it and my order was processed, reordered, canceled, reprocessed and then canceled again. I was really starting to get frazzled! I then finally found one at the Joann's near my house. RELIEVED I called Laura and teased her about it! She had no idea what I got until she opened it! Even though her collection is much larger than what the ladder accommodates, it's still a great piece. The spools are lined up and easy to reach. She also has a ribbon rack on her scrap hutch that was full within 5 minutes of bringing it home! Then she has a few containers that are full of random ribbon pieces.

We're still on the lookout for one thing that could accommodate her entire ribbon collection. However when we do find it, I doubt that she'll have room for it until she gets that scrap trailer that Travis has been threatening to buy her!

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