Monday, April 11, 2011

~The Christmas Tray That Should Have Won~

At least I didn't lose out to a tutu!

Michaels Store had a Contest back in December...the challenge was to use a Charger plate, scrap paper, and any type of glue...This whole tray was solely inspired but that ornament! Crazy I know..but I saw that ornament and I had to have it..and the whole tray came to my head and bada bing..I knocked this Tray out with in a few hours..I used 2 charger plates, an Ornament, a clay pot..a pot topper (snowman), paper, ribbon, glue, Glass mini Gems (found at Bed, bath and beyond) and 3 mini Plastic lotion bottles. Sadly I lost to a lady who made a paper house on top of a plate..yea..I know what your thinking! I said the same thing! I'm kinda a sore loser about it cause well..her's was a paper house!? And mine had duel purposes...I mean seriously..have you ever had a cookie tray that also served as a candy cane holder!?

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