Monday, April 11, 2011

~The Norm Book~

Norm is a person that was made up In Kat's head one night. Her hubby and herself share this funny joke about having Norm in a pop him open and Bada Bing your household chores are done! Well a few years ago..I made Sal (Her Hubby) Norm in a Can! Norm is made out of clay..he even has a hammer! Well last year, I wanted to make a book about Norm and his adventures! So Norm went to College! FIU to be exact!...I am also not a clay making kinda gal..and Norm lost both his arms after this book was made...poor norm...

Addendum by Kat: I'd like to make a correction here. I did not invent Norm in my head. Norm is Norm Abram, an incredible carpenter that has his own PBS show "The New Yankee Workshop" and also known for "This Old House". Anyways the gist of the story is I had this really weird dream one night and woke up laughing. I told my hubs about it and he thought it was hilarious! So now its sort of an ongoing inside joke between the two of us. My dream was that I was coming home from somewhere and I see a whole bunch of stuff had been done on the house. I find Sal and I was like OMG how in the world did you get all this done? Sal tells me "Well with Norm in a Can of course!" So then he sort of launches into this commercial for Norm in a Can. Yeah if you knew Sal you would be laughing harder cause my hubs is like super serious! I woke up laughing :-) So I ended up telling my mom about it too and she thought it was hilarious. So for the next Christmas she was going to make Sal a version of Norm in A Can, however she passed away before she had the chance. So Laura decided to take it upon herself to make Norm in a Can. Sal says its in the top 5 greatest gift list!

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  1. BTW the paper Stack I used was all Nature wood...bamboo...snake skin and whatnot..very manly looking and was one of those paper stacks that makes you want to buy it but when looking at it your like what can I use this for type of thing..