Friday, April 29, 2011

~Kat's Quest For Organization~

Ok its the end of the semester and time for my summer vacay! **snoopy happy dance** I promised myself that if I made it through the semester that I would go on the ultimate quest to get organized! Well I made it! My GPA a little beat up but nothing I can't fix so now it is time to take on my quest.This is most ALL my scrap stuff...I would say like 98% of it. I mean seriously who has ALL 100% of their scrap stuff in one spot all at one time!?!?!? Anyways I gave myself a $100 budget. I bought two new cabinet like pieces and 3 new plastic 12x12 storage boxes. I still have $40 left! I wanted to have some money left to play around with just in case while in the organizing frenzy I had a sudden inspiration. Oh yeah I know how I am and it will happen, guaranteed!

So this is where it is all the back of the Katmobile. Yes I know you asking WHY IN THE HELL ARE YOU DOING THAT:?!?! Well simply we're are really tight for space inside. The bedroom is already cluttered to point of almost suffocation. Plus I usually don't scrap at home because of well reasons I don't want to particularly discuss. Just trust me when I say I do a majority of my scrapping away from home so being able to be mobile is SUPER IMPORTANT to me. The overall goal is to have all my scrapping stuff available to me whenever I want it but still be able to haul Mami's groceries home on Saturdays! So later on this afternoon hopefully I'll have some great tips, ideas, possibilities for those scrappers with limited space.

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  1. You have a lot more stuff then I thought! Man that car holds a lot!!