Saturday, April 16, 2011

~BFTP Mother's Day Gift~

I made this book for Mami for Mother's Day. The book and the rub-ons are a coordinating set. Which is weird for me because I usually tend away from matchy matchy stuff. If I get kits, I usually mix and match them to other things to create something different. However this accordion book just jumped out out me and so did the rub-ons. They were bright and not geared toward anything in particular except happiness. I printed up pictures of the whole family, some of my favorite photos. I wanted to make sure I put the pets as well because Mami considers them family. She always likes it when I include them or make any kind of something with them. I still see coordinates to this set in the clearance sections at Michael's and Jo-Ann's so if I happen to see them again I will take note of the name so I can place a brand to my materials.

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  1. The puppy photo next to the bird ones are so cute! I love this book..simple but crazy with photos!