Friday, April 29, 2011

~Ribbon Organization & Storage Kat Style~

As you know I am working on organizing my scrap crap. However I was hit with a bout of food poisoning. Yes I'm fine, kind of getting use to it! (LoL long story...) Anyways, since I was sort of confined to the couch I decided that I work on tiny organization projects that would not require me to move too far from the bathroom. Since my scrap paper file drawer is waiting for missing parts to arrive, I decided to start with my ribbon. I have just recently decided that ribbon and I can get along, esp when it has that sticky stuff on the back! So I've started to amass a small collection of ribbon. Nothing like the size of Laura's ribbon collection have you but definitely big enough to start getting out of hand. Laura inspired me to get this clear paint bucket to hold my ribbon. However it was not big enough. So the paint bucket was stuffed and I had rolls of ribbon here and there. I decided enough was enough and got my organization on! So what I did was to remove my ribbon from the spools. I then rewound them and used a pony tail holder to wrap around it. Sometimes rubber bands catch and causes fraying. I had these colorful pony tail holders that well are just too freaking small for my hair and are considered "no pull". So I thought ribbon & no pull pony tail holders...WINNING! Then for the ribbon that was too small to be bounded by a pony tail holder I used a small binder clip. I was able on the thinner ribbon to put two in each clip. I LOVE IT! I did keep 3 on spools. One being a ribbon with wire in it, one that is more like cording and the other was 10 YARDS!! so yeah they stayed on their spools. Another spool in there is Laura's ribbon and I didn't want to take it off because of how she organizes her ribbon. Then for the pieces of ribbon scrap I just threw in the bucket. I mean what else are ya gonna do?

The bucket as you can see now only looks half full. You know what that means!!! I can get more ribbon!!! **snoopy happy dance** In ♥ with this bucket! I'm so glad Laura talked me into it!

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