Tuesday, April 12, 2011

¿Materials Used?

I know I'm supposed to be studying but I had a sudden **oh crap** moment. I noticed that we're starting to amass a collection of posts. Our original intention was to create a sort of menagerie of our awesome scraptacular crap and to spur others' to push their creative limits. I have come to realize that maybe in order to help push that boundary we might need to share what materials we used. Laura and I are the type of people who look at a picture and say "Omg that is so cool! I wonder how I can make my own?" Then we run to our scrap crap store, wonder the aisles like someone lost in a desert until something jumps out at us. Then we jump in our barrel and go over the creative falls. The other method to our madness is when we see something cool we just pick it up. Then eventually we find a use for it. Over the years we have collected a massive hodge podge of scrapabulous craziness! Sometimes its still in the original package, sometimes its not. Sometimes we get in such a zone that last thing we are thinking of "who makes this embellishment, ribbon, brad, eyelet, paper, etc?" I would also like to point out that we don't tend towards one manufacturer or another. We're more concerned about how much we like it and how much does it cost? Chances are if its over a certain price, we won't buy it unless A. we have a coupon or B. its on sale.

However both of us have thought quite a bit, well for at least 5 minutes anyway and have created a short list that we like to call:
~The Blue Belly Button Scrap Crap Must Haves~
1) Glitter -We ♥ Martha Stewart Glitter. We have tried ALOT of glitters & we like the consistency and the color richness. How do we get it? Michaels or Jo-Ann's 50% off coups!

2) Scrapbook Tape -We've been using a tape from Elmers. We ♥ Dotto but it gets expensive. However the Elmers is a good alternative. Where do we get it? At Walmart, $2.50 for 2!

3)Scissors -We splurged on these the first time we bought them. They are Fiskars Softouch Micro-Tip Scissors. Yes I know $15 scissors but a 50% coup makes it easier to swallow. We ♥ these scissors b/c they stay sharp, don't fray the paper edges & are great for precise cutting. Our hubby's jack those suckers all the time!

4) Glue - We use a lot of Elmers stick glue. The one that starts off purple and dries clear seem to work the best for me. I use it on paper and pictures. Laura uses it mostly just for paper. It's cheap! We usually buy it towards the end of the summer when all the school supplies are on sale. We stock up and it usually lasts us til Christmas ;-) We also LUV Elmer's Spray Glue for putting paper onto chip board. Super fast and holds great. We find this on sale randomly or just use a coup.

5) Ribbon -Laura ♥♥♥ ribbon and I've only recently developed a respect for it. We raid the dollar bins at Michaels all the time. Think most of the ribbon we have is by Celebrate It. Its usually always on sale at Michaels. The other ribbon we use is this ribbon I've found at Jo-Anns that already has the sticky on the back. ♥ that stuff. Its a $1 for a spool. Its on a little rack always at the end of an aisle or on an end cap.

6) Chipboard albums -Ok basically we just find these randomly when they are on sale or on clearance. We've used Bo Bunny, Maya Road and a few others. We'll try to make it a point from now to post which manufacturer made our chipboard book. Though we have been making quite a few on our own.

7) Paper - WE ♥ PAPER! We are paper whores! If its on sale we stock up! Then we organize based on whatever organization method we are using at the time. We're RARELY know who has made our paper! If we do know, we most likely will mention it b/c I would imagine we would be some serious proud of ourselves!!! However don't even ask, you'll get the giant question mark!

8) Stickers -WE ♥ STICKERS! We are sticker sluts! If they are on sale we stock up! We actually have more of a clue to what stickers we are using than what paper. If you ask, the question mark might be smaller than the paper one!

9) Crop a Dile - I ♥ it!! Laura just recently discovered hers. I love it as a hole punch and I love it as a setter. The eyelets and brads we get are all random. We usually get them when they are on clearance at Tuesday Morning and Big Lots. We don't even attempt to know who makes them!

10) Last but not least decorative scissors & shape cutter...They are a must have. I don't know what brand Laura's decorative scissors are but I know the ones that I have are the ones you can buy in the bins at Michaels for like a $1. The shape cutter is from fiskars, I used a 50% coup and bought the set that came with four template plates.

Oh and don't forget the BABY WIPES! They are awesome for cleaning up and attracting glitter!! Buy'em in bulk saves you moolah!

So there you have it! Our list of must haves. We're actually really good at finding deals and knowing what store is going to have the best price on things. We are thrift junkies! If you want advice on where to find the best price on something, just ask! Chances are we know!!! We will try from now to make a more conscious effort to make a materials used list, but we're not promisin' nuthin'!!!

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