Tuesday, May 17, 2011

~Absolutely nothing to do with scrappin'~

HEHEHEHEHEHEEEE ya guys wanna see something funny but kind of freaky at the same time!

I was on my way to school yesterday and this lizard just sort of came out from under hood and started hanging out! Its something completely random that could only happen to me! Be forewarned though, it does contain a couple of colorful metaphors. So if you have little ones, ya might want to plug their ears as soon as you see the lizard take flight!

yeah I'm aware that the vid looks skinny weird. I shot it with my iphone and that's how it uploaded. Sorry :)

~BFTP Random Brag Book Type Thingie~

A little blast from the past since I can't seem to find any time to work on anything but Organic Chemistry! Soon fellow scrap crappers, I'll be free to create til my heart's content. But until then **sigh** I must study. Anyways, I was cleaning out the "paperwork" drawer. Oh don't give me that look! You know you are all guilty of having one or having something similar. I saw something at the bottom that I hadn't seen since well I didn't remember at the time. I thought about for a week and finally remembered when I made & what the process is. So sit back, grab a snack & I'll tell ya the story.
One day at Michaels...do you know how many of my stories start off like that? Anyways so at Michaels I saw this book of plastic overlays and solid colored card stock. I, up until that point had been mostly a sticker scrapper. In fact it pains me at times to look at some of my old stuff. I think wow wtf were you thinking girl?! So you heard it here first, Kat used to be strictly a sticker scrapper. Scary thought, huh? I decided that I really wanted to do something different and try different things so I picked it up the book and away I went.
Some time went by and I still hadn't decided what to do with those overlays. Then one day I decided that I wanted to make myself a small brag book type thingie. So I thought why not use those plastic overlays and see what materializes. I picked out a bunch of pictures and went to it. It took me awhile to figure out just exactly how to position both the pictures and the overlay. After some time, TAAADAAAAA!!!! it came together. I absolutely love this book. However I've never found an 8x8 book that I would like to put the pages in so I thought of creating a cover for it. However the plastic overlays are not attached directly to the papers. I did try an experiment with one where I attached it with an eyelet. I don't like it. It looks way entirely too random. Don't get me wrong, random is my life!! In this case though, I'm just not feeling it. I know I could just easily by pass this attachment problem by finding an 8x8 book to put these pages into. But what fun would that be?
So this is where I ask you my scrap peers, How in the hell do I attach the plastic overlays to the damn paper?!?!?!

Friday, May 13, 2011

~*~Safari Party Invites Part 1~*~

I'm in the process of making my kiddies Birthday party invites. This is taking a while since, first I ran out of Blue Giraffe ribbon (WHICH I LOVE, sold at Walmart..which of course I can not find again), then I ran out of the white animal print ribbon that has all the cute animals on it, then the orange ribbon then glue! SO with all that said, I have all 30 some odd invites papered. I will be making a big giraffe using my Cricut and Birthday Bash cartridge and placing it on the front of the card. I was going to make it 3D but since it will be traveling there is really no point since it will probably get squished on its journey. I also put green paper on the inside. I hope to get these done this weekend. And BTW I am praying that next time my bestest friend takes a trip to Walmart, she will be the chosen one to find this Blue Giraffe ribbon! (I will pay her back with Sonic Yumminess)

~*~Safari Party Goodie Bags~*~

So my kiddies birthdays run pretty close to each other, so this year I've decided to combine both parties into one! I have always love the way safari paper looked and well...safari animals are just too cute! To start, after Easter I bought some Easter Egg fillers on sale for about .20 cents for 6 items..do the math and I saved a whole lotta cash! I put them in Zip Lock snack baggies.
So after I filled 20 baggies, I folded a paper over the baggie and stapled it. I did this so that I could just glue my "label" sheet over the staples and hide them. A tip I picked up from my new FB friend Amy! Thanks Amy!

I then created the label using simple safari themed paper and I used my Cricut and Birthday Bash cartridge to create the different animals on the label. As many of you know, when you use the cricut...details on items don't normally come out very well unless you make them about 5' or bigger. The animals I made were 2 1/2 inches so I just used fabric paint and glitter glue paint pens to make some details on them. Also instead of typing out the date and what not, I just printed Party Animal on some tan paper and bada bing I now have 20 handmade goodie bags!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

~Mother's Day Switch A Roo~

Laura and I have been creating for so long that it is pretty much a given that we give our mother's something homemade & scrappy for Mother's Day. This year we were racking our brains trying to decide what in the world were we going to do, pretty much coming up with a big goose egg! While sitting at Laura's dining room table I had a sudden flash. I had a wooden star book and have been dieing to do something with it. I remembered this little book I made a few years ago. So I decided to do something similar using the wooden stars. I told Laura hey I just had an idea about your mom's mother's day gift. Do you mind if I make it? She said sure! So I told her my idea and she was like LUV IT. So she turned it over to me.
A couple of weeks ago Laura found these instructions online for a this awesome little fold up accordion book. She used this old style like paper and embellishments. She texted me while making it and said I'm making Mami a mother's day gift so don't make anything! Omg seriously give Laura a prize!!! cause I had no idea what so ever to make!
So we played a little switch a roo with our mother's day gifts and it worked out great. Both of our mother's got great little homemade scrappy gifts per usual which they both are in LUV with!

This is the link to the photo gallery of the gift that Laura made for my Mami: http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.110245775725967.22115.100002216355123&l=247594d6ff

This is the link to the photo gallery of the gift that I made for Laura's mom: http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.113909592026252.27108.100002216355123&l=b6279547c0

Happy Mother's Day :)

~I ♥ Kat Book~

The last time I went to visit Laura she took me to AC Moore. We raided their clearance bins like a crack-fiend looking for their next score! Seriously do not get between me, laura and a clearance section! We sat down in the aisle and started going through them. They had a massive amount of chipboard & clear plastic albums. I found one that said I ♥ Cat. A light bulb suddenly went off in my head. I turned to Laura and said what do you think if I made the C into K and made an I ♥ Kat book for Lauren? Then I would put pictures of Lauren & I in it. Laura was like that sounds awesome, DO IT! So I put the book into the cart and thus the adventure began. Once we got back from AC Moore I was going through paper to decide what kind of motif I wanted. I saw this pink and black paper that reminded me of fishnet stockings. That light bulb went off again and I was off and running again. I got all the paper glued onto the book before I had to go. Once I returned home though I had to put it away and focus on school. Well my summer vacay started a week ago and I decided to try to get as much done as possible, which included the I ♥ Kat book. I decided to go very Madonna/street walker/80's route. I bought some lace trim and some black & silver ribbon. I also used an old broken silver necklace and used it as an embellishment. You should never be afraid to use something as an embellishment that is not found in the scrapbook aisle. I used pink glitter glue to finish the edges of the pages. I learned after doing this book that I want to start finishing edges of my chipboard books with something else other than glitter glue. It's starting to get old *le sigh*
So this book is a sort of prototype. I thought a few other people ♥ Kat so if this one worked out I could make others. Like one in a Laura style for Laura and one for my Brother or my Sister or my Gramma. It was a cool little book and I think anyone could do the same thing. You don't have to have the chipboard letter book, you could do it with a regular book. So think of someone you ♥ and that ♥s you back and then make a special book!

~Taste The Rainbow~

My friend Philly works in a bakery and decorates cakes. She is always posting pictures of the things she creates and I am always impressed with what she can do with frosting & fondant! A few months ago she made a cake that looked like a Skittles package complete with little skittles. All the sudden I was struck by a moment of great brilliance! If you can have a cake inspired by Skittles why not a scrapbook inspired by Skittles?!?! So I quickly started playing around with ideas and trying to work the concept out. I wondered around a couple of LSS's and finally it started to come together. For the pages I wanted them to be sturdy. One of the LSS's I went to have individual letter pages to create a custom chipboard book. I used them for 2 different Christmas presents & they worked out great. So for the Skittles Book I revisited them. I used the letter S for the front & back cover. I used a bit smaller letter I for the rest of the pages. Each page is covered with glitter cardstock of each of the Skittle colors; red, orange, yellow, green & purple. Since I really had no pictures to work with I created picture palettes for the future photos. After awhile I hit a brick wall, scrappers block! So I turned the book over to Laura's capable hands and let her take a whack at it. Well it worked cause once she added her awesome skills & ribbons, she sent it back to me. I then was able to figure out what to do with the front and the back covers. I just decided to keep it very simple. The letters on the front cover are the stars of the show and I didn't want to take away from that. Plus I didn't want it to be over done. I wanted the book to lay flat so I glued everything down flat. So glad its completely done!! I'm so thankful that Laura helped me out by taking over the process. I couldn't have finished it without her! So what are we doing with this book. Well my original intention was to send it to Philly, but now I might just keep it for myself! LoL