Friday, May 13, 2011

~*~Safari Party Invites Part 1~*~

I'm in the process of making my kiddies Birthday party invites. This is taking a while since, first I ran out of Blue Giraffe ribbon (WHICH I LOVE, sold at Walmart..which of course I can not find again), then I ran out of the white animal print ribbon that has all the cute animals on it, then the orange ribbon then glue! SO with all that said, I have all 30 some odd invites papered. I will be making a big giraffe using my Cricut and Birthday Bash cartridge and placing it on the front of the card. I was going to make it 3D but since it will be traveling there is really no point since it will probably get squished on its journey. I also put green paper on the inside. I hope to get these done this weekend. And BTW I am praying that next time my bestest friend takes a trip to Walmart, she will be the chosen one to find this Blue Giraffe ribbon! (I will pay her back with Sonic Yumminess)

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