Sunday, May 8, 2011

~Mother's Day Switch A Roo~

Laura and I have been creating for so long that it is pretty much a given that we give our mother's something homemade & scrappy for Mother's Day. This year we were racking our brains trying to decide what in the world were we going to do, pretty much coming up with a big goose egg! While sitting at Laura's dining room table I had a sudden flash. I had a wooden star book and have been dieing to do something with it. I remembered this little book I made a few years ago. So I decided to do something similar using the wooden stars. I told Laura hey I just had an idea about your mom's mother's day gift. Do you mind if I make it? She said sure! So I told her my idea and she was like LUV IT. So she turned it over to me.
A couple of weeks ago Laura found these instructions online for a this awesome little fold up accordion book. She used this old style like paper and embellishments. She texted me while making it and said I'm making Mami a mother's day gift so don't make anything! Omg seriously give Laura a prize!!! cause I had no idea what so ever to make!
So we played a little switch a roo with our mother's day gifts and it worked out great. Both of our mother's got great little homemade scrappy gifts per usual which they both are in LUV with!

This is the link to the photo gallery of the gift that Laura made for my Mami:

This is the link to the photo gallery of the gift that I made for Laura's mom:

Happy Mother's Day :)

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