Sunday, May 8, 2011

~I ♥ Kat Book~

The last time I went to visit Laura she took me to AC Moore. We raided their clearance bins like a crack-fiend looking for their next score! Seriously do not get between me, laura and a clearance section! We sat down in the aisle and started going through them. They had a massive amount of chipboard & clear plastic albums. I found one that said I ♥ Cat. A light bulb suddenly went off in my head. I turned to Laura and said what do you think if I made the C into K and made an I ♥ Kat book for Lauren? Then I would put pictures of Lauren & I in it. Laura was like that sounds awesome, DO IT! So I put the book into the cart and thus the adventure began. Once we got back from AC Moore I was going through paper to decide what kind of motif I wanted. I saw this pink and black paper that reminded me of fishnet stockings. That light bulb went off again and I was off and running again. I got all the paper glued onto the book before I had to go. Once I returned home though I had to put it away and focus on school. Well my summer vacay started a week ago and I decided to try to get as much done as possible, which included the I ♥ Kat book. I decided to go very Madonna/street walker/80's route. I bought some lace trim and some black & silver ribbon. I also used an old broken silver necklace and used it as an embellishment. You should never be afraid to use something as an embellishment that is not found in the scrapbook aisle. I used pink glitter glue to finish the edges of the pages. I learned after doing this book that I want to start finishing edges of my chipboard books with something else other than glitter glue. It's starting to get old *le sigh*
So this book is a sort of prototype. I thought a few other people ♥ Kat so if this one worked out I could make others. Like one in a Laura style for Laura and one for my Brother or my Sister or my Gramma. It was a cool little book and I think anyone could do the same thing. You don't have to have the chipboard letter book, you could do it with a regular book. So think of someone you ♥ and that ♥s you back and then make a special book!

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