Tuesday, May 17, 2011

~BFTP Random Brag Book Type Thingie~

A little blast from the past since I can't seem to find any time to work on anything but Organic Chemistry! Soon fellow scrap crappers, I'll be free to create til my heart's content. But until then **sigh** I must study. Anyways, I was cleaning out the "paperwork" drawer. Oh don't give me that look! You know you are all guilty of having one or having something similar. I saw something at the bottom that I hadn't seen since well I didn't remember at the time. I thought about for a week and finally remembered when I made & what the process is. So sit back, grab a snack & I'll tell ya the story.
One day at Michaels...do you know how many of my stories start off like that? Anyways so at Michaels I saw this book of plastic overlays and solid colored card stock. I, up until that point had been mostly a sticker scrapper. In fact it pains me at times to look at some of my old stuff. I think wow wtf were you thinking girl?! So you heard it here first, Kat used to be strictly a sticker scrapper. Scary thought, huh? I decided that I really wanted to do something different and try different things so I picked it up the book and away I went.
Some time went by and I still hadn't decided what to do with those overlays. Then one day I decided that I wanted to make myself a small brag book type thingie. So I thought why not use those plastic overlays and see what materializes. I picked out a bunch of pictures and went to it. It took me awhile to figure out just exactly how to position both the pictures and the overlay. After some time, TAAADAAAAA!!!! it came together. I absolutely love this book. However I've never found an 8x8 book that I would like to put the pages in so I thought of creating a cover for it. However the plastic overlays are not attached directly to the papers. I did try an experiment with one where I attached it with an eyelet. I don't like it. It looks way entirely too random. Don't get me wrong, random is my life!! In this case though, I'm just not feeling it. I know I could just easily by pass this attachment problem by finding an 8x8 book to put these pages into. But what fun would that be?
So this is where I ask you my scrap peers, How in the hell do I attach the plastic overlays to the damn paper?!?!?!

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