Tuesday, March 15, 2011

~Work in Progress....

I wondered onto here and realized that we haven't been on here in awhile! I then realized that neither of us has been working too much on crafting. I've been busy with tests and Laura has been busy with the kids. However I did get some crafting time in today. I decided awhile back that I wanted to make a book that was inspired by Skittles candy. A friend of mine works in a bakery and she decorates these amazing cakes. She made a cake awhile back that was a skittles package. The light bulb went off in my head and I heard the rush of the waterfall! I decided to make a book inspired by a skittles package. I wanted it to be an interpretation of a skittles package and not an exact replica. I got some glittered cardstock to use as the background pages in the same colors as skittles candies. I think cut out a bunch of some circles and glittered them the skittles colors. I then used white shirt paint to draw an "S" in the middle. The front cover I made a custom sticker on clear sticker paper. I had a hard time with air bubbles but Laura assures me that it makes it look more like a real package. So I'm hoping she's not just saying that to make me feel better LoL. I decided to make the skittles book a birthday themed book. I decided this when I was at Joann's looking for the glittered cardstock. I saw these birthday hats by K&Company and was like "WE HAVE A WINNER!!!" I knew then the skittles book would be a birthday book. The first two pages of the skittles book are red and let you know immediately you have opened a birthday book. It has a photo palette in the shape of a cupcake. (Which is actually a funny story within itself.) The 3rd & 4th pages are the orange pages which I have not worked on yet. The 5th & 6th are yellow and just missing their yellow skittles. Sort of a just a random pic kind of page. The 7th & 8th pages are green which i have not worked on yet. The 9th and 10th pages are purple. The purple pages are for PREZZIES!! The photo palettes are shaped like little presents complete with bows made by Laura! (cause uumm me & bows just don't mesh well...**sheepish look**) The back cover..I haven't quite decided the background yet but I'm sure I'm going to use clear sticker paper to create it. Then I will put 5 larger skittles and put their flavor names under them.
I most likely will give this book away as a gift. To who? Have no idea but I think it is just the beginning of my junk food inspired books!

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