Monday, March 28, 2011

~*~Our List of Scrap Crap~*~

So I am thinking if I post a list of our Scrap Crap here...there will be less of a chance of us losing it!..Cause yea...we are horrible at keeping lists..don't get me wrong..we are great at making them..just bad at keeping them where we can find them!
So here is a list of Projects that have been started and need to be finished:
  1. Skittles Book
  2. Christmas Book
  3. Baseball Book
  4. Miley's Book
  5. Tj's Book
  6. 1st Holiday Book
  7. Miley's Baby Shower Book
  8. Tj's Baby Shower Book
  9. Monster Book
  10. I <3 Kat Book
  11. Football team book
  12. Kat's Book
Here's the list of projects wanting to get started on:
  1. Beach Pail Book
  2. License Plate Book
  3. Dog Book
  4. Thomas Book
  5. Marine Book
  6. Music Book
  7. Disney Book
  8. Cupcake Book
Wow...Most of these are my books! LOL...I need to stop slacking and start Scrappin'!!!

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