Wednesday, March 30, 2011

~Lauren's Clutch~

This past Christmas I wanted to make my niece Lauren something scraptacularly awesome! I wanted something really different that had the ability to be super sexy flirty fun all at the same time. I decided to make a scrapbook that was in the shape of a purse. After looking at all the chipboards available I decided that the ones shaped like purses were totally unacceptable! I wanted something that was really one of a kind. I found this super cute picture of a clutch online. So I did what any self respecting scrap crapper with zero drawing talent would do. I right clicked that pic and pasted it into excel. I then played with the sizing until I found an appropriate size, printed it and TADA it became my template for the book. I then cut out all the pages for the book based on that template. Some papers were a heavier cardstock so it needed some reinforcement. Others were super thin so I had to find some random cardstock to make it stronger. I then went to facebook and jacked some of my favorite pictures of her. Yeah I know it probably wasn't the best way to get her pics, but she's my niece and I wanted it to be a I said to hell with ethics! I then started to experiment with things I have never used or rarely used. This includes gems, glitter glue and ribbon. I believe it was this book where I developed a respect for ribbon with the sticky on the back! Can't get enough of that stuff!
For the cover I went through several ideas and a couple of hours of wondering through Joann's. I then found myself in the scrapbook paper aisle getting ready to settle for something when I saw it! SUEDE PAPER!!! It came in a variety of colors but I fell in LUV with the light brown suede. Laura loves the combination of pink & brown and quite honestly I can handle pink when it's with brown. So I grab up a few sheets of the light brown suede paper. I then went looking for a button. I found the little butterfly with pink and brown tones in it. I thought PERFECTO! I then wanted something for the back of the purse. I found myself wanting something bling bling worthy and wondered over to the iron on rhinestone appliques for clothing. I thought why wouldn't this work? So I bought and made a mad dash for the check out line before I spent anymore money! I started working on the book and everything just clicked! The paper, the pictures, the embellishments, everything just worked!! This book is a one of a kind custom made just for Lauren scrapbook. No one in the world has this book or will have a book like this. So yeah I would appreciate it if you just looked and not reproduced.
I think what this book taught is that if I can imagine it, I can make it!!
(god that's sounds like something sappy ass that Laura would say! Get out of my head DA!)

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