Monday, March 28, 2011

~In dire need of an update

I know, I know! We need to update about our projects but well we've been busy! I had to get new brakes and I have an anatomy test in two days! (CRAP A DUCK!) and Laura, well Laura got the cricut so she's unavoidably experimenting right now! (and who can blame her, right?) Plus we are feeling some serious disorganized right now. I think we've not only acquired a lot of little stuff that has piled up but we've just had so many crazy ideas that we can't keep up! Once I get pass this anatomy test I will be getting myself organized. As for Laura, well my trek into organization will inspire her to get organized and then we'll be at least near the same page?!
Anyways here is a list of what is going to be showing up soon!
1) An update on the skittles book
2) A sneak peak of the I ♥ Kat book
3) A movie about Vitamin D that I made for my Human Genetics Class
4) Laura's 100% custom made book for me! which by the way I've seen & its awesome!
5) Laura's Xmas book
6) A book Laura made for her mom for xmas
7) A list of the ideas we've had that we are going to try to make reality
8) Laura's experimentations with the cricut
9) My take on organizing your scrap crap when you have little to no storage space! (aka how to use the back of your explorer to store your scrap crap & still haul your groceries!)
10) I dunno but probably something we've made in the past that is just undeniably SCRAPTASTIC!

oh crap 3 minutes to get to class....peace out fellow scrap crappers!

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