Wednesday, March 30, 2011

~America's Pastime~

Somehow Nicole convinced Laura to attend a baseball game. I however still have not figured out how...must have said something about her being able to get tan **ponders for a sec**
Anyhoo, Laura found this super cute 8x8 book that looks like a baseball to scrap the occasion. Buuuuuut she couldn't bring herself to start it. Laura is not what you call a sporty girl so trying to get her excited about a sport where no one beats the crap out of each other **sigh** well you get the picture. The pictures though were very cute and so was the book. So being the sporty girl I am, I started it for her. Since I wasn't there it was a little rough to try create a mood. I think though I did pretty good trying to capture the fun spirit of 3 girls involved. My favorite pages are the ones where I cut out the players and made it look like they were standing on the grass. I got the idea from those old time metal games, where the pieces were upright and had magnets on the bottom. Then you turn on the machine and they start moving all over the board. Don't ask me what made me think about that. I'm random like that. The day was almost over and I still had to drive back to Miami so I had to stop. That book sat for well at least since this time last year I believe. Today Laura got bit by the finishing bug and decided she was going to finish. You can totally tell that two different people worked on this book. Though it looks like a cohesive book, you can see the different aesthetics that Laura and I have. It really turned out to be a really cute book. Most of the embellishments were from a baseball scrapbook kit and the paper was from a sporty paper kit. Which by the way we both have bought on different occasions! Laura had some random baseball themed buttons that we used as well that turned out to be perfect.

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