Thursday, February 24, 2011


By far my favorite holiday to scrap is HALLOWEEN!!! Halloween usually has the best stickers, papers, embellishments and pictures of any holiday. At least it is in my book. I made this after Halloween 2010 for Laura. I have had the idea for a long time before that, to create a pumpkin shaped book for Halloween. I wasn't planning on any Halloween festivities but I knew I had to make this book. It was sort of damming the river and making it almost impossible for me to have any other creative "flowage". The idea was sort of creating a situation of creative constipation. I knew that Laura would be doing Halloween type stuff with her fam so I figured well not only could I clear the path buuuuttt I'd be doing a favor for my bestest friend at the same time. I'd be giving her the opportunity to not have to add a project to her ever growing list of crap to scrap! See it was a win-win for everyone!
The first thing we had to do was get together because I knew I was going to need her help on this project to finish quickly. I had her come up with the pumpkin shape to use as a template for the book. The back page is a heavy chipboard and the front page is made out of a glittery card stock. The rest of the pages are regular grade scrap paper cut into the shape of a pumpkin. We had to create both fronts and backs. It was a process! I then proceeded to cut each page except the back page, down the middle. This made it to where we had the binding on each of the sides of the pumpkin and the book opened from the middle. Don't really know why I insisted on this, but I think it gave it a different sort of look. I documented the whole Halloween process from pumpkin patch to hauling in the candy! I laid out all the pictures so all Laura has left to do is embellish. However it looks pretty rockin' even without embellishments! With both of us cutting and gluing it took 20 hours to create this book. This does not count the 2 hours we took to go on a midnight taco bell run or the 2 hours the next morning we took to hit Joann's for more glue (was it more glue? I dunno it's all kind of hazy LoL!) We spent about 15 hours throughout the night and then when we returned from Joann's we spent another 5 until I had to go. Moral of the story: always scrap with a friend who can cut better than you!

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