Monday, February 21, 2011

A Creative Waterfall...

Have you ever gone over a waterfall in a barrel? This is what I imagine that living inside mine and ~LK~'s head must be like. We have creativity like flows like a river that's heading towards a water fall. We get these really random ideas (hehehe imagine that?!) and we just run with them right over the waterfall. Its scary and fun all at the same time! Sometimes we tread with our scrapbooking where following the directions isn't very feasible. We're always on the lookout for the next idea and we get inspiration from EVERYTHING! This blog is sort of a showcase of not just the ideas we pulled off but the ideas we have yet try. Our little idealets if you will...We will also showcase what I like to call our "normal" scrapbook stuff. You know the regular 12x12 layouts we have done.
Right now I'm going through an orange phase and Laura is going through a flower phase. But I think we are both going through an "anti 12x12" phase. Meaning that we are currently working on stuff that defies the boundaries of a 12x12 piece of paper.
Our latest projects include; "The Monster Book of Monsters" book, A "Skittles" book, A Cupcake Book and a book inspired by a starbucks frappacino.
Most likely the posts will start out with a few of the things we've finished since November.
Have fun and hang on!!

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  1. 2 more projects are added to that list which include a Hamburger book and an Airplane book. =o)...Sometimes we do end up going through a dry spell but so far this year, we have nothing but extremely awesome original ideas.